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A Cry for Help
Steve and Gail Corey

Wow! This is the response we got from some aero cruiser members after a cry for help:

Pulling into a campsite at Casa de Fruta near Gilroy, CA, Gail and I heard a big “bang” from the rear of the coach. I stopped immediately and we searched for the cause, but none was found.

I remembered a letter written in a past issue of Aero Cruise News by Lynda and Gary Smyth about their big “bang” and the troubles they had with their rear axle. I read the letter and noticed some strange similarities. Big “bang” noise from the rear, recent brake job, near Los Banos, CA, on the way to Yosemite, among other things.

It was late, but I got out with my flashlight and started looking at the rear axles. The tag axle shock and springs seemed to be even lower than their already normally low carriage. I went back to the Smyths letter where they mention a repair shop in Los Banos that did all the work on their axle.

With the experience they had with their coach, I thought this shop would be a good place to have mine inspected. Knowing the Smyths had recently sold their coach to Frank and Lynda DeRemer, I called them for the name and number of the shop hoping they had records at hand.

Well, that one phone call started it!

Frank informed me that it was the drive, not the tag axle, that had been repaired on their coach and that the records were in the coach in the transmission shop. But he helped me analyze the problem, formulate an action plan and even offered to house us if lengthy repairs were needed. Within 30 minutes, Dragi Petrovich called offering assistance. By 10 PM George Kennison had been contacted and Frank Fries and Gary Smyth had called to offer help.

The response was amazing. One minute Gail and I felt alone in this place, the next we felt we had an army of supporters ready to help if needed. This is the true value of the Aero Cruiser Club membership: camaraderie with good people, quick to help, with vast knowledge of our coaches.

Thanks for your response and willingness to help,

Note: the tag axle will be modified by removing a 4" block between the axle and the spring. This will improve the low hanging condition a few of our 29’ers have. Hopefully the shock brackets won’t hit any more speed bumps!

Steve and Gail Corey
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