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Subject:  Coach Electrical Box 

Question:  Anyone have an electrical schematic or a wiring diagram for these rigs? I replaced a bad fuse in the fuse block located in the compartment in the front. I have no idea what it's for. It didn't blow again. But it would be nice if I knew what is what. Nothing is labeled on the fuse block down there at all.

Answer:  The Coach Electrical Box is located in one of 3 places:
  • Inside the coach under the step going up to the front seats in most 1988 and 1989 model years with the “Vironex” chassis.
  • In the front compartment under the hood in most 1990 and 1991 model years with the “LGS” Chassis.
  • Inside the coach under the refrigerator in most 1992 models where the engine compartment was moved forward to accommodate a gas or diesel engine. 

This is what I have in my 1990, 23 footer.  It may not be the same for all Aero Cruisers. 
Large unlabeled ground block on the far left.

10 30A Spare Tire
11 30A Refrigerator
12 10A Step Relay
  Truck Ignition 12 Volt In from Ignition Relay.
13 20A Dock Lights
14 20A Fog Lights
15 20A Air Compressor
16 20A Ignition to Overhead lights
17 10A Passenger Wiper 
18 25A A/C Fan
19 20A Fog Light Relay

1   Right Docking Light
2   Left Docking Light
4   Step Light
5 White

110 A.C.

6 Brown
7 Green
8 Red







3 10A Step Power
  Truck 12 Volt Hot
4 30A Leveler Jacks
5 30A Converter
6 20A Refrigerator
  Coach 12 Volt Hot
7 25A Step Relay 
8 20A A/C Fan
9 20A T.V.


1 left - Ignition Relay.  Picked when the Ignition switch is turned on.

2 right - Crossover Relay.  Picked when Battery Boost switch is held down.

In the wiring diagram for the Coach and Truck Batteries (below) the two round (self resetting) Circuit Breakers are located under the coach near the battery compartment.  The Battery Isolator is located under the coach near the passenger compartment.  Relay 1 and 2 connect both sides of each relay when they are picked as explained in the table above.  The pick lines are not shown.

There are a total of three Fuse Panels in the Aero Cruiser including this one.  Click here to see links to each of them.
Keep on Cruisin', Tom Heald
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