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The Amera Coach is an Aero Cruiser Cousin
The Aero Cruiser Club membership is open to Amera Coach owners as much of the Club's information also applies to Amera Coaches.  However; there are differences so all members should understand that most of the information on the Club's Web Sites was provided by members owning Aero Cruisers and is believed to be applicable to Amera Coaches; however, there is no guarantee that it is applicable.  It is offered on a best effort basis and is to be used at your own risk.

The Amera Coach is very much like its cousin the Aero Cruiser.  Its straight sides make it a bit boxer than the Aero Cruiser but otherwise they have pretty much the same look and feel.

The following information comes from an Amera Coach owner.

The Amera Coach's  23 and the 29 foot models use the same chassis specification, floor plans, exterior features and optional equipment as the same sized Aero Cruiser. The Amera Coach was the original.  It was built by Amera Cruiser Inc.; 1800 Cheyenne St.; Nappanee, Indiana 46550.  The Company started production in 1988 and went out of business in 1991. 

They made three different versions each with three floor plans which are similar to the Aero Cruiser floor plans:

  • 23' Amera Coach 

  • 23' Amera Coach II 

  • 29' Amera Coach

A walk around a 
23 foot 
Amera Coach





The Aero Cruiser was based on the Amera Coach II models according to their ads. I don't know the difference between the Amera Coach and the Amera Coach II.  

Like most ads, I don't believe this is entirely true.  The original Aero Cruiser and Amera Coach (I belieave) were built on a “Vironex” chassis.  The 1990-92 model years and some late 1989 models had an “LGS” chassis which were called Amera Coach II while the Aero Cruiser's name remained the same.  (Webmaster)

One difference in the floor plans is the twin beds in the Amera Coach are the very rear of the coach, as opposed to the Aero Cruiser, where they are located forward of the rear bathroom.  Note: Some early Aero Cruisers also have this same twin beds configuration.  (Webmaster)

Differences between the Coaches

There is a lot of confusion between the Amera Coach, Amera Cruiser and the Aero Cruiser as to which is which.  The easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the sides.  The Ameria Coach has straight sided and was built in Indiana.  

The Amera Cruiser is the original name of the Aero Cruiser.  They were built in California.  Both have slanted sides.  If you look at the side door, its hinges stand out from the side and there is a definite bulge where the top and bottom sided meet at the vinyl strip along the center center line.  

Aero Cruiser / Amera Coach Hybrid

In 1998 and 1990 there appears to have been a number of 23 and 29 foot hybrids manufactured that have the sides of an Aero Cruiser but the rest of the body and the logos are from an Amera Coach. Their side door is not straight, it has a bend in the middle like the Aero Cruiser.  A new owner tells me that his is a 29 footer and is a 1990 model year.  The VIN number is ___________LS0241.  The new owner has paperwork from the original owners that tell him that the unit is one of 6 29" Amera Coach's and the model is a hybrid.  It has the sides of the Aero Cruiser but the roof, back cap, and front cap are Amera Coach. 

Another owned reports to have an 1990 Ameri Coach II that has the same LGS chassis as the Aero Cruisers.  I don't know, but it may be that Ameri Coach switched to -- or at lease tested -- the LGS chassis in 1990 when the Aero Cruiser switched to the LGS chassis with the Steel Cage Construction.  Maybe -- and it's just speculation -- the chassis is the major difference between the Ameri Coach and the Ameri Coach II.  If anybody out there has more information then please send an e-mail to the Webmaster for this site.

Note: There is at lease one (and probably more) 1998 23' hybrid that I have received questions about.  I didn't know what they were until I received these e-mails above.  If you have one of these coaches you can tell which is which by the VIN.  The VIN on an Aero Cruiser will end with ___________GP0xxx where GP stands for Gardner Pacific and xxx is the production number of the unit.  If anybody else has more information on the hybrids, the LGS chassis or differences in the Ameri Coach II then please send an e-mail to the Webmaster for this site.  
Keep on Cruisin', Tom Heald Webmaster

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