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There are two ways to view the pictures

If you have a high speed link you can view them in an Album format.  However, if you have a slower link, it is best to view the pictures via the slide show.  It will load all of the pictures in the background while you visit the rest of the site,  See the Slide Show Help section below for more information.  The pictures are the same in either case.

Row of Aero Cruisers
Exterior Views Slide Show

Inside an Aero Cruiser
Interior Views Slide Show

Click here for the Exterior Album
Click here for the Exterior Slide Show
Click here for the Interior Album
Click here for the Interior Slide Show
Slide Show Blocked?
Click here for information on how to unblock the Slide Show.

Help Using the Slide Show

The slide show is fun and easy to use if you keep a few things in mind. As you well know, it takes time to download image files. Each picture in the slide show will take from 30 seconds to a minute to load using a 56K connection if the Internet is not too busy. And if it is busy or you have a slower modem, then it can take longer.

Now the good news:

You don't have to wait for the pictures to load. You can look through the rest of the web site as they are being loaded in the background.

The status line a the bottom of the separate Slide Show window will show you how many files remain to be loaded. When they are done the activity indicator will stop and the browser will display "Done".

Controlling the Slide Show is Easy:
  • Clicking on the "Start / Stop / Pause" key on the left side of the caption to start the show.  A new picture will be displaced every 2.5 seconds.
  • Click it again and the Slide Show will Pause.
  • To step through the pictures one at a time, click the Single Step key on the right side of the caption.  
  • To Single Step backwards, hold down the shift key when you click.
  • Some captions are longer than three lines.  Scroll down to read it all.
  • Each time you click on one of the keys the Status line at the bottom of the browser will tell you if the Slide Show is Running or Paused.

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