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Scrounging Parts
Ken Stahl

Last Spring, the passenger side rear window & frame of our Coach was taken out by a 4X4X12" block of wood that fell out of pick up truck in front of us, it bounced down the highway right at us. The good news, we dodged hitting the windshield and injury to Judy. 

Aero Cruiser Windows
I was able to track down the original manufacturer, but they no longer make the style frame that is in our Aero Cruisers. The contact is DCM Company.  Their E-Mail address is Their web site is at

Walt’s R.V. Supply
In my search, while in San Diego, CA., I was given a lead to check out Walt’s R.V. Supply, 16616 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA. 92335. (909) 823-0563. Was told they had several hundred new and used window frames to search through. I did go and after a couple of minutes, I gave up, just too many. 

It is a very interesting resale business to visit. If you do, plan on spending at least a couple of hours looking over and under their inventory. They appear to be the “buyer” of inventories at the end of production runs from several of the major Motor coach Manufactures. Your “hunt” could go from dashboards to curtains and mirrors. The prices are very reasonable. It was a fun place to visit, but Judy was bored. After a couple of hours, I had my hands full of odds and ends; the total cost was $2.00! 

I did find a replacement window, so the story has a good ending. I Recalled that Frank DeRemer had sent out an email in the past that he had some parts available from a burned out Aero Cruiser. I Sent him an email, he had it, I bought it and it is now installed. The other tip. 

Windshield Wipers
For years, the windshield wipers would have a “Gull Wing” appearance. Every time I stopped, I would adjust the wipers. Would drive me nuts and no matter what fix I made, could not solve the problem. So, I started to track down the original supplier.

They are AM Equipment, 402 E. Hazel, Jefferson, OR 97352. (541) 327-1546. They have a new product line 230 Series, which is near direct replacement for the original. I purchased 2- 230 Series Pin Type Pivots # 304-1201, 1". 2-230 Series Wiper Arms, #301-0260, 26", 2-230 Series Blades, # 302-1200, 20", 2-230 Series Hardware, Spring Clips, # 407-1022, 2-230 Series Hardware, Washers # 414-1005. They also have wiper motors and windshield washing parts and systems. The total cost was about $150.

Their website is and it is very user friendly. They do not have replacement links and but they were willing to custom manufacturer new ones with bronze bushing inserts. The cost was just too much. So, I pleaded and they did send me four bushings. Just finished installing the new system today, the Cruiser is sitting in the garage, looks good and so far no “Gull Wings”.

It was a good five-hour job. If anyone is interested in upgrading their system, have them send me an email. I can offer some tips that will save a couple of hours. 

Hope this finds all of you doing well and having fun. We continue to be very busy; life continues to be just great! 
Best Regards,
Ken Stahl
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