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General Information: Covers, cleaning and general maintenance of the exterior including pant and pointers to web sites for exterior parts.
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Information on this Web Site is provided by members of the "Aero Cruiser Classics" Motor home Club. All information on this site is contributed by the club members or outside sources and is believed to be reliable; however, there is no warranty or guarantee that said information or advice is correct or free of defect. It is offered on a best effort basis and is to be used at your own risk.

Subject: RV Cover for an Aero Cruiser
Question: I am looking for a new RV cover for a 23' Aero Cruiser twin bed with the entrance door just behind the passenger seat and wonder if anyone can recommend a
supplier who produces either a standard or custom fit cover that works well on this coach. 
Thanks, Pete

Answer: Look on eBay for a good selection and best prices. Search for "RV Cover" or "Travel Trailer Cover". You are better off with a travel trailer cover, as they are shorter.  Look for a 22-24' cover, which is perfect for a 23-foot Aero Cruiser. I saw one as low as $130, but they do vary in quality and longevity so read the details. Camping World also has them, but at a Premium Price.
Hope that helps, --Frank
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Subject:  Replacement skylight, ladder, entry door, other access doors & windows.
Tip:  Consider for replacement skylight, ladder, entry door, other access doors, and windows.
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Subject:  Bird Deposits
Tip:  Ed Pedersen had his coach in a barn that was also a home to some owls that were not kind to the coach. He used dish soap the get it cleaned up and it worked better than some specialty cleaners. Some of us had the same experience after being parked under the trees at Pismo Beach.
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Subject:  Bug Proofing the Front of the Rig
Tip:  People who know camping report that applying baby oil with a spray bottle to the front of the RV and then wiping it with a clean soft cloth to get even coverage will make bug removal a breeze. All is needed is a quick rinse and no more hard rubbing. Do be careful not to apply it to the windshield because it will smear and use caution around striping that is frayed or peeling as adhesive exposed to baby oil will soften and dissolve.
#212 Petrovich 
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Subject:  Touchup Paint
Tip:  The color of our coaches was made to match Toyota white for the year 1985 to 1990. You can find the touchup paint made by Plasti-Kote #5708 - Toyota; 6 oz. can. Or, you can get it mixed to order by PPG Deltron stores. Ask for DBU 90157, 033 white.

Update:  Plasti-Kote  does not make Color #5708 Toyota white any longer according to Jeff Bartos, their Technical Support Supervisor.  However, check out Dupli-Color below.

Here is the paint lists from duplicolor.
https://www. duplicolor. com/color_ selection. pdf
I found my can of Dupli-color import auto spray paint that is an exact color match on our '89 Aero Cruiser.

One page 48 there are four earlier Toyota whites. I believe it was the first one on the list. 033 white (part number 8801504) or it could be 045 white (part number 8801578.  These are both sold in a 5 ounce spray can.

I need to buy another can at Pep Boys, so I will confirm in the next couple days. It is common Toyota pick-up truck white and matches perfectly since the Sunrader was built on the Toyota truck chassis.
Happy trails. Rod

Update:  I found a good match in touch-up spray paint locally at O'Rielly Auto Parts. Dupli-Color brand: a Ford color BFM0041, Wimbledon White (M, 9A), 8 oz.: $7.49 + tax. Having sprayed it over a few small repairs, I cannot tell the difference in colors. Check it on-line: 
Frank DeRemer

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Subject:  Cleaning and Polishing
Tip 1:  Below are pictures of the side and top of Ole Aero after about 4-6 hours of cleaning with Quick Strip and 4-6 hours of applying four coats of 12Plus, the two products in “This Stuff Really Works”
This stuff has been recommended in the Aero Cruise News before. It takes effort, but it works well. Needs an additional coat annually, but that is only a couple hours work. Call Scott at 1-800-455-TSRW or at
#375 DeRemer

Tip 2:  I used "Holloway's Hard Surface Floor Shine" on my Aero Cruiser.  The success I achieved is based on the acrylic nature of the product. 4 or more
coats (applies like water) has a made this look like new gel coat or better. If
other products are acrylic and go on in multiple layers I suspect many products
introduced in the last few years would get equal results. $8.00 for a spit
shine was a bargain. (try it and compare to Holloways in a controlled test...
report back, I always like an improvement.
-- Andy
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The 44 foot Aero Cruiser 
"Code Name Gargantuan"
-- an --
Aero Cruiser News Exclusive

Last time I was at Frank’s, I saw something bulky covered by a tarp. I snuck back with a camera and my worst fears were confirmed: Frank is building a 44 Footer!  In an exclusive interview for this publication on April 1st, 2005, Frank DeRemer stated “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of this prototype and it is not my policy to discuss publicly this or any other project I may or may not have under way.” National Inquirer also tried to get an interview with Frank but reportedly, he was unavailable.
Dale Maggio
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