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The information listed here is the opinion of the Club's Web Master.  It is not warranted or guarantied in any manner by the Aero Cruiser Classics Club or any Group or any Individual.  Use at your own risk. 

How to Sell your Aero Cruisers on the Internet
Listing your Aero Cruisers on our Club's For Sale page is a free service for members.  If you are not a member then you can use this same information to list it for yourself on one of the "For Sale" sites shown on our club's home page.  These sites are also good for members who want extra exposure.  If you post your own ad make sure you include a pointer to the Aero Cruiser web site for general information, specifications and pictures.  Prospective buyers like to know there is a support system to get help and answer questions.

To get your coach listed on our club site for free, members should send an e-mail to Tom Heald,  What is needed is a the information shown in the Aero Cruiser Listing Form below. 

Selling Tips
The first thing to do is to post your ad on the Internet as described above.  The Internet is a good way to contact lots of people, however, most rigs are sold locally. Free Internet ads are OK, but Paid ads will reach far more people.  Auction sites like eBay are a good way to sell it fast as long as you set a "Reserve Price" to your lowest price; it's not free, but it's fast.  I highly recommend Craig's List as one of the best  resource to find local buyers and it is free; however, be aware that you will get bogus offers from Con-Artistes so read the warnings on Craig's List before listing.  Another local listing site is Lycos Classifieds.  I haven't used it but it appears to be similar to Craig's list with the same advantages and problems. Start with the free Internet ads and local sources so that potential buyers can help tune your ad before moving on to a paid ad or auction.

Warning about Con-Artistes:
Be aware that you may get bogus offers from Con-Artistes.  This is not an Internet problem; they will try to con you no mater how you advertise; even a sign in your rig's window.  If anybody wants to send you any kind of check make sure they include a copy of their drivers license with it.  Then, look up their phone number on the Internet (don't use any number on the check or one that they sent you) and call them to make sure they are who they say they are.  Or even better, drive to the address on their drivers license and talk to them face to face.  Remember, a successful con-artistes will always appear to be personable, trustworthy, kind and will have a good story to gain your trust or win your sympathy.  The most regretted statement is "No I trust them; you can tell.  They're good people."

There are Bogus Cashier's Check and Money Order out there!

Check the check!  Genuine Personal Checks, Cashier's Check or Money Order will have secretary features incorporated into them in the form of micro-printing, water-marks, imbedded fibers and other features not easy to reproduce.  Often these features will be described on the back of the check, so look for them.  If you are not sure, call the bank or company that issued the Check or Money Order and ask them what to look for before you deposit it.  

Then deposit the Personal Check, Cashier's Check or Money Order and wait 10 days before checking with your bank to maker sure the check has cleared.    Even if the bank says the check has cleared, it may still bounce later and the bank will take the funds from your account.  

It's best to deal face to face with the person you are selling to, know where they live, check them out and make sure you have the money before turning over the keys to your Aero Cruiser.  Here are some tips on avoiding scams from Craig's List -- -- but they apply to any sale on the Internet or from a local source.

Use Local Sources to sell your Aero Cruiser
You should always consider local sources for advertising your Aero Cruiser. Newspapers, those "Free" Cars-for-sale magazines, clubs and bulletin boards can work, but some of them are expensive and they don't work as well as they did before the Internet. You can also sell it through a local RV or Car dealer, but you are not likely to get your best price through them.

However, by far the most effective way to sell your rig is to park it where it can be seen with several For Sale signs on it. Wal-Mart, CostCo, Target, supper markets and hardware stores are always a good bet.  Get a friend to help you. Drive it down in the morning and pick it up at night.  Never leave it overnight without the stores' permission or it may get towed.  Park near a high traffic entrance, and make sure all your sign can be read by both incoming and outgoing cars.  Park in a new location every day or you may get a call from the store telling you to remove it.  Many stores and cities have regulations against selling on the street and in parking lots so be selective on where you park it.

Sell your Aero Cruiser on Consignment
If you don't want the hassle of selling it your self, consider contacting a local dealer to sell your rig on Consignment. Here is a testimonial from one of our members:  I sold my Aero Cruiser.  Rick sent me one couple who offered me $3,500, way below what I wanted for it.  So I took it to Starr Automotive on consignment and he sold it in three days for $16,500.  

Listing Information
Send the following information in an E-Mail.  Don't make your Description to long or people won't read it.  Do not use all CAPs!  Most people consider all CAPITAL LETTERS as shouting, which is a turn off.  If you have pictures, point to them in your ad but do not send them with your ad.  Alternatively your ad can say that you will send pictures via e-mail to anybody who requests them or put them up on one of the free picture sites.

How to Point to Pictures in your Listing
There are lots of websites that will display your pictures; however, not all of them allow anybody to view the pictures.  I use and allow anybody to view the pictures.  After you have your pictures online, View them from your web browser, copy the Web Address from your browser.  i.e.  http://... and paste it into your listing so it looks like this: 
To see pictures go to 

How to Copy and send me your Listing  
Just "Highlight" the following information in the Aero Cruiser Listing Form.  Then "Copy" the data and "Paste" it into an e-mail to  Fill out the form after you copy it into the e-mail.  Need help?  Send me an e-mail and I will send the form to you so you can fill it out. 

Sample Listing
Please send your listing to me in an e-mail using the form above, as it makes it easier for me to list it.  The following is what your listing should look like after you fill in the form and optionally remove any of the comments from the form.  Do not use all CAPs!  Most people consider all CAPITAL LETTERS as shouting, which is a turn off.  

Your full name and address WILL NOT go in the ad but you must include it so I can check it against the club's membership list.

Name: Jack and Jill Hill
Street: 1234 Hill Street
City, State Zip: Gilroy, CA 95020

Only the information below will go into the listing form: 
Make: Aero Cruiser
Year: 1990
Length: 23 foot
Model: Rear Bath

Price: $23000
Mileage: 59000 miles 
Engine: Gas

Location: Gilroy, CA 95020 
Near: San Jose / San Francisco Bay Area
Contact: Jack or Jill
Phone: 408-999-9876 (9:00 am to 9:00 pm Pacific time, call collect!)

The Aero Cruiser is a unique, award-winning, low-profile Class A Motor Home.

Options include: Driver & Passenger Doors, Hydraulic Levelers, Tow Package, Power Step, Generator with only 62 hours, Roof Rack & Ladder, CB & Antenna, TV/VCR combo, Upgraded Suspension & Brakes, Nylon Cover, New Deluxe Driver & Passenger Seats, Newly refurbished 3 way Refrigerator, New Michelin Tires, Excellently Maintained, All Manuals & Records available.
Request pictures via e-mail from or link to my online pictures.

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