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Remote Starter Switch
Transmission Interlock Bypass Switch

Tom Heald

When I purchased my 1990 Aero Cruiser in 1996 it ran fine; however, after I took it into an RV shop to get everything inside checked out, it would not start when I went to pick it up.  The owner and I fooled around with it for a while and were pretty sure it was one of the interlocks in the starter circuit.  We had to call my towing service to get it towed to a mechanic.  After pushing it out of the shop, we decide to try it again.  It started right up.  

When I got it home, I decided to put 2 connectors on the starter relay wiring where the wires runs to the "Starter Solenoid" (Red 12 gage wire on terminal 4) back to the " Ignition Run Switch" (Brown 14 gage wire on terminal 3).  This creates a parallel circuit from the battery to the Starter Solenoid effectively bypassing the Starter Relay.  I installed two male push on connector on the starter relay wiring as seen in the picture.  Then female connectors on wirers running up through the engine cowling to a push button next to the drivers seat.  It's not attached to anything, it just loops through the tie-downs for the dash and the cowling. 

Note:  If you try this make sure you meter the lines first to make sure you don't mess anything up.  I did not remove the starter relay or cut any wires.  Instead I installed the short 4 inch connectors by stripping a quarter inch of  insulation off the wirers indicated (by their color) in the wiring diagram and then soldered the short Test Point male connectors to the wires.  Then I had my wife start the RV while I metered the lines.  Once I was sure everything is ok, I made the remote push button using female connectors and give it a try.  It worked fine for me; however, bypassing the interlocks can be dangerousSO USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! 

Another alternative is to pick up a remote starter button at any good auto parts store.  I didn't like this because they normally clip onto the starter directly and are not meant to be driven that way.  

To use either form of remote starter button, you must have the ignition in the run position before you push the button.

After installing the remote starter button I have had to use it once every few years when the Starter Ignition Switch won't work.  I've only had to used it half a dozen times, until the trip where I lost my Transmission Cable.  Read about "Replacing the Transmission Control Cable" by clicking on the link.
Tom Heald
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